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Chayora - Tianjin Data Centre
Jonathan Berney - Chayora
“Our experience working with Uptime Institute has been positive and we intend to apply for Tier Certification in all of our future campuses.”

Jonathan Berney


Chayora Tianjin Data Centre Tier III Gold Certification of Operational Sustainability


Chayora Limited is a world-class, Hong Kong-based digital infrastructure investor, developer and operator that delivers highly scalable, high-performance data centre campuses serving mainland China. The company serves both the global and domestic hyperscale markets, Fortune 500 companies and premium Chinese data centre operators, as well as financial services firms, automotive corporations, ICT services, and many other organisations within vertical sectors that require intensive, best-in-class data centre infrastructure in China.

With offices in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Taicang and Singapore, Chayora gives international and premium domestic companies fast, reliable, and assured access to the vast and rapidly developing Chinese digital economy. In October of 2020, the company launched its Phase 1 Tianjin Data Centre to service Beijing and China’s northern provinces. This facility is the first and only data centre in China to achieve Uptime Institute Tier III Certification for design, construction and operations.

Central to Chayora’s ongoing buildout of industry-leading, hyperscale infrastructure across strategic locations throughout the country, the Tianjin campus serves as a highly optimised, large-scale data centre solution for the Beijing-Tianjin corridor, which constitutes over 110 million people. The Phase 1 Tianjin Data Centre is a powerhouse in the Chinese digital infrastructure market, offering immense scalability with 300 MVA of gross power and expandability up to 25,000 racks.

“Having Uptime Institute’s independent recognition of our design, construction and operations skills is a fantastic achievement and will give our customers additional confidence in the suitability of our campus for future expansion. We will be delighted to welcome potential clients to view our site virtually or in person to experience the future of data centres in China.”
Oliver Jones - ChayoraOliver Jones

The Challenge / Opportunity

In China, earning and maintaining customer trust is a particularly challenging and essential prerequisite for business success. Chayora’s customers demand scalability, performance, ROI visibility, and compliance guarantees. The company needed a plan for offering its customers not only assurance, but proof, that its data centre is designed, built, and operated to meet the industry’s most stringent standard for digital infrastructure excellence.

Uptime Institute Tier Certification is highly valued in the Chinese market and Chayora knew it would play a vital role in establishing the credibility and trust required to spur interest and demand among domestic and international customers. As such, the company set its sights on becoming one of China’s first data centres to engage with Uptime Institute to pursue a Tier III Gold Certification of Operational Sustainability (TCOS).

The Solution

Chayora started its Tianjin Data Centre project with a strong goal in mind: to achieve Tier III TCOS. From the earliest stages of design to construction and operations, the company allocated the necessary time and resources to partner with Uptime and ensure all project elements would be fully compliant. This meant working closely with Uptime’s engineers on the facility’s design to ultimately earn its Tier III Certification of Design Documents (TCDD). Following construction, the launch of the facility and the required Uptime evaluations, Chayora earned its Tier III Certification of Constructed Facility (TCCF) in March of 2021. In October of 2021, the company began working toward its Tier III TCOS Certification.

Uptime’s TCOS assessment helps data centre owners and operators examine the behaviours and risks associated with managing critical digital infrastructure and serves as an essential guide for operational efficiency and effectiveness. Organisations that achieve TCOS have verification that a well-designed and well-constructed data centre is operated in a manner that will result in the expected and required production levels.

Ongoing collaboration between Uptime consultants and Chayora’s team paved the way to success throughout the multi-stage process. The company saw immense value in Uptime’s commitment to upholding and maintaining its standards, while simultaneously enabling Chayora with the latitude, guidance, and direction its team needed to meet them. The project also required innovation and flexibility from all parties. Uptime and its consultants navigated many challenges brought on by COVID-19 to ensure the Certification process continued on schedule. And by deliberately accumulating project records from the start, Chayora was able to raise the speed and efficiency with which it demonstrated compliance with Uptime’s audit and verification processes.

Uptime’s TCOS assessment found that the Tianjin Data Centre displayed exceptional management, and operations behaviors, and low site risks. In March of 2022, Chayora completed its Tier III Gold TCOS, making the Tianjin Data Centre currently one of the only facilities in China to earn Tier III TCDD, TCCF and TCOS from Uptime Institute.

“I am extremely proud of my team, who have been able to satisfy the challenging test regime of Uptime Institute and achieve this important Certification. The Tier III Gold TCOS demonstrates the world-class standards by which we operate the Chayora Tianjin campus. We offer hyperscale clients exceptional scalability, offering up to 25,000 racks in nine build-to-suit standalone data centre facilities with over 300MVA gross power available: traditional and renewable.”
Tiger Zhao - ChayoraTiger Zhao
Operations Director

The Impact

“Chayora’s Tianjin campus offers assured scalability to international and domestic clients seeking the reassurance of an operator adhering to objective world-class standards. The Tier III TCOS Certification builds on our existing awards from Uptime Institute and as the first OCP ReadyTM campus in northern China and validates the excellent level of service and capacity we offer our data centre customers in Greater Beijing.”
Jonathan Berney - ChayoraJonathan Berney
Co-Founder and COO

Chayora’s Phase 1 Tianjin Data Centre stands out in the Chinese market as the first and only facility to have demonstrated it offers the performance, reliability and resiliency required to achieve Uptime Institute Tier III Certification for design, construction, and operations. The company has seen immediate and sustained benefits from its commitment and investment toward Tier Certification for the new data centre. The impact on customer interest, acquisition and confidence has been clear, with major businesses coming to the Tianjin site as new customers and at least two new hyperscale customer contracts close to final in 2022.

The company is actively working to expand on the Tianjin Data Centre’s success and establish it as one element of a multi-data centre, multi- campus hyperscale infrastructure portfolio that gives customers trusted, high-performance and scalable access to China’s digital economy.

Chayora is already building out its new 10,000-rack Shanghai campus to serve eastern provinces and is eager to announce additional locations throughout the country. Given the incredibly positive customer and market response to Tianjin Data Centre as a Tier III TCOS facility, Chayora is already planning for future Tier Certifications and expects Uptime will continue to play a key role in the company’s future as its portfolio expands.

Chayora Data Centres with Tier Certification

Chayora Tianjin TJ1 Data Centre – Tianjin, China

  • Tier III Certification of Design Documents
  • Tier III Certification of Constructed Facility
  • Tier III Gold Certification of Operational Sustainability
Chayora Tianjin TJ1 Data Centre Tier Certifications