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Jimmy Pan - XDC+
“XDC+ is the premium Eco-data center and cloud infrastructure service provider in China offering a state-of-the-art Uptime Institute Tier IV data center to customers. We are pleased to have been awarded the Tier IV certification to support our business operation and to help enable us to gain essential knowledge and the experience. Uptime Institute and the Tier IV Certification of Constructed Facility provides an essential level of confidence as we put the facility into production. Uptime Institute’s Tier Certification is the only structured approach that ensures our goals were realized.”

Jimmy Pan
General Manager


The Data Exchange Difference

XDC+ is the premium Eco-data center and cloud infrastructure service provider for financial industry, governments and enterprises, internet companies, and manufacturers in China. XDC+ offers state-of-the-art data centers based on Uptime Institute Tier IV standard and cloud services based on multi-data centers with active-active configurations. As a leading IDC service provider, XDC+ ensures safety and reliability of their data center business as well as its neutrality and independence. XDC+ provides customers with a full solution with efficiency and convenience based on unique professional and industry requirements and authority. XDC+ has self-owned data centers, owned DCI backbone transmission network, and high-quality network bandwidth. XDC+ also collaborates with telecom operators, facilities suppliers, cloud service providers as business partners in order to carry data center industry forward.

In the future, XDC+ will invest and build more data centers in worldwide coverage to establish high standard data center ecosystems and more coverage to offer safety and reliable data center infrastructure to customers.


Uptime Institute Tier IV is the highest level in data center industry, which met the requirements of XDC+’s high-reliable standard, high security, and high availability requirements. XDC+ plans to enhance the data center’s reliability through the Tier Certification of Constructed Facility process to fill the gap of high-end commercial data centers in China. XDC+ also offers international high-end data center environment to clients from many industries.

The XDC+ data center team worked together and overcame all technical issues during the certification process. The organization believes that booth personal professional skills and teamwork capabilities have been greatly enhanced through this experience. The team now has a greater comprehensive understanding of the Uptime Institute Tier Standard, theory and practice. The entire operations team was able to participate in the certification process which not only increased their understanding in the whole infrastructure, but also supplied the opportunity for a hands-on experience to enhance the company’s operation procedure.

XDC+ Facility Interior

Uptime Institute Tier IV is the highest and rigorous standard in data center industry. Tier IV TCDD and TCCD awards mean XDC+ has reached the same level as advanced data center peers in the industry worldwide. XDC+ plans to continue to offer world-class data center services to customers, and collaborate with Uptime Institute more deeply and comprehensively to build a better industry ecosystem and to support the data center industry at a higher level in Asia Pacific.


XDC+ GC-EB2 Phase 1 was awarded Tier IV TCCF in March of 2019. The data center deploys whole 2N topology in a mission critical infrastructure and put more attention on BA system in order to make sure all systems can response autonomously while facing a single fault and fulfill the Tier IV requirements. It is worth addressing that during the certification process, XDC+ obtained 8 patents and 26 software patents. This strengthens XDC’s capability of intelligent data center operation and the development of DCIM to realize the effective data center operations.

As a data center international industry standard, the requirements of Tier IV are rigorous and result-oriented. There were numerous challenges and obstacles during the certification process, but XDC+ team worked together to solve all the technical issues. XDC+ will continue to pursue high availability, high security, high standard data centers and is planning to move forward next to achieve Tier Standard of Operational Sustainability certification and award.

XDC+ Facility Interior
Certified Tier IV Foils for XDC+