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Our Tier Standard: Topology specification is the IT industry's most trusted global standard for the design and build of resilient data centers.

We started certifying our first Tier II and Tier III facilities against the standard in 2003 and our first Tier IV facilities in 2004.  Since that time, our team of global consultants have certified and inspected the design of thousands of enterprise-grade data center facilities around the world. 

We help data center owners, operators, engineers, design firms and consultants design resilient, efficient and redundant facilities to meet your business objectives.  We help you optimize design for ideal conditions while being prepared for emergency situations.

Your can download our Tier Standard: Topology specification document for free to learn the fundamentals of data center design, join our Accredited Tier Designer training program to become accredited in data center design or hire our consultants to assess your existing infrastructure or certify the design of your new facility against the Tier standard.  

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Three Ways to Engage with Uptime Institute on Data Center Design

Read the Tier Standard: Topology Specification

Our Tier Standard: Topology specification was first published 1996 and has stood the test of time as the de-facto standard in the industry for data center design principles.  

The Tier Classifications were created to consistently describe the site-level infrastructure required to sustain data center operations, not the characteristics of individual systems or subsystems.

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Earn your Credential as an Accredited Tier Designer

Over 2,000 architects, designers, consultants, engineers and vendors around the world have graduated from our Accredited Tier Designer (ATD) program.  

Accredited Tier Designer graduates take a 3-day course and pass a rigorous exam to earn their designation, which is recognized by the industry as the leading credential in data center design excellence.

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Hire Our Team to Assess or Certify Your Data Center

Data centers are often one of the largest assets on a company's balance sheet and the data and services that rely on the facility are the backbone of a company's operations. 

When your business depends on IT to function, you must design for and assess your data center capabilities, limitations and vulnerabilities before disaster strikes.  

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