Webinar: Data Center Performance: An Operational Sustainability Discussion with PayPal

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Data Center Performance: An Operational Sustainability Discussion with PayPal

Shawn Tugwell, Director of Data Center Architecture & Engineering, PayPal
Matt Stansberry, Vice President, North America, Uptime Institute

While data center owners and operators regularly commission innovative new sites, full of cost-saving technologies and innovative new approaches, they still find themselves struggling with the ongoing performance and reliability of these sites due to the operational plans in place. Various levels of staffing and experience along with limited or inaccurate written process documentation results in inconsistent behaviors and service outages.

Uptime Institute's M&O Assessment is a way of directly measuring the operational effectiveness of the teams within the data center by focusing on behaviors within five “components” and dissecting each identified behavior to determine if that behavior meets the three principles of Operational Sustainability – Proactive, Practiced, and Informed.

The PayPal Data Center Operations team in PHX01 is a seasoned team with years of experience but had never been assessed previously by Uptime Institute.

This webinar will cover the need for operational excellence, discuss the steps needed to achieve this level of operational planning, and discuss strategies and results from a large publicly traded organization that has achieved management and operations awards.

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