Top Five Questions to Address for your 2018 Data Center Strategy

Today's IT landscape is facing a distinct set of unique challenges and developments, as the world at large becomes more digital-centric and data-dependent. In the article, we address five key questions data center owners and operators need to incorporate into their 2018 data center strategy.

This article is excerpted from 7x24 Exchange International's Spring 2018 edition.

Key Insights:

  • How climate change is increasingly affecting data center design, site selection and technology decisions.
  • Impacts of new building management systems and the risks they pose on data center cyber security
  • Resiliency decisions related to edge computing - designing for high reliability, micro modular deployments
  • Data center staffing - staffing needs are shifting, are your hiring and training programs keeping up?
  • DCIM and the increasing importance of having better tools to deploy and manage data center resources

Report Authors:

  • Matt Stansberry, Vice President of North America

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